Getting Kids to Read Through Play The Barefoot Books Way

One way to make reading fun is to add an element of play to it. No one does this better than Barefoot Books and their new Barefoot puppets. Two great examples are:

These puppets work well with The Barefoot Book of Pirates and the Barefoot Book of Princesses. Here’s how it works. All kids love to play. Now you can add playing and having fun with reading. Have your kids bring their puppet to reading time. They can even act out the stories with their puppets. You can read to them while they play along. You will be amazed when reading time is done and they are still playing along to the stories in their heads. Watch them a day or two later when they are still playing with the puppet and reenacting the stories from the book. If your kids are like mine, the will grab the puppet and the book and ask you to read to them. That hadn’t happened a lot for us until the Barefoot Books came along. It really was kind of cool.

Another great idea is for when they get old enough to read the stories themselves. You can have them read the stories to their puppets. Kids love putting on shows and reading a princess story to a princess is the best! Putting on a pirate class is great. Have the kids bring in their pirate puppet and “teach” them the Barefoot Books Way from the Barefoot Book of Pirates. Two great ideas to get your kids reading and playing. This way they support each other. Please visit my Barefoot Books site now to find these great books, toys, and other great ideas  on how to get your kids to read.


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