Barefoot Books Reading Suggestion: The Barefoot Book of Pirates

Ask any boy what they want to be when they grow up and you will get some fun answers. Yesterday mine said he wanted to be a ninja. Not sure the job market for ninjas but I’m hoping his plans change over the next decade! If it isn’t ninjas boys want to be firefighters, policeman, or everyone’s favorite profession…pirates! Just think of the fun and adventure of sailing around the world looking for treasure and digging in the dirt all the time. Why wouldn’t a boy want to be a pirate! The only problem with pirates is that there aren’t a lot of solid pirate role models. (Jack Sparrow isn’t what I’m hoping my boys achieve to in their lives!). That is until now.

With the Barefoot Book of Pirates, now you have something you can share with your boys about the type of pirate they should be when they grow up. Read these 7 amazing stories of pirates around the world with your kids or pop in the CD that comes with both the Hardcover and Paperback versions and let them enjoy the book while you get a few things done. This is a way better option than having them watch a pirate show on TV! The seven tales in this amazing book are described as, “From mysterious and spooky to friendly and funny, the tales emphasize the qualities of bravery, imagination and compassion.” These are all qualities in the Barefoot Book that I want in my son, and qualities you won’t find in any other series of pirate adventures. Here is what one reader said about this Barefoot Book:


“I work at a day camp and put the CD on one day. An amazing thing happened, all 42 students gathered around the CD player and were silent. 5 weeks into camp and we have listened to the stories over and over again, the kids (boys and girls ranging from 6-11) love the CD. In fact, the prefer it over listening to more popular books on tape. I have purchased 4 other story/CD’s and the kids are anxiously awaiting the arrival of them.”


Now, pirates can be adventures and also teach important life lessons! Visit my Barefoot Books site today and let the adventures begin, just be ready for your boys to run out and start digging for buried treasure!


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