Getting Kids to Read Barefoot Books Style

We all want our kids to be great readers. It is one of the biggest contributors to success in school and in the business world. We all know that happens with practice. We just don’t all know how to get them to read! Here are a few ideas with some help from Brooke’s Barefoot Books.

  • Make sure you have books available at home to read. Nothing helps you do this better than Barefoot Books. With free shipping available for some purchases and amazing deals on great books you can have lots of books on hand for your kids to read. Best of all you can host a Barefoot Books party and get your books for free!
  • Have your child read aloud so you can gauge their progress. Kids will love reading Barefoot Books aloud like some of our best sellers, The Barefoot Book of Pirates and the Barefoot Book of Princesses. Not just great pictures, these are great stories your kids will love.
  • Set a good example. Children need to see you reading, too!
  • Read the same book along with your child—let them recommend a book to you! With books that children of all ages will enjoy from babies to teenagers you can read the Barefoot Books and enjoy them along with your children. Show your own love of reading by hosting a Barefoot Books party. Have everyone bring a favorite book to share with the adults while you share some great Barefoot books for kids. Remember when you host a party you earn your books for free!


Just 4 great ideas to get your kids reading Barefoot style. You will see the difference when your kids start experiencing growing and reading with Barefoot. Visit my Barefoot Books site today to order or request to host a party and get your Barefoot Books for free!


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