Barefoot with my Mom

One of my favorite memories of my childhood is reading with my mom. Running and grabbing one of my favorite books. Sitting on our big comfortable couch in the front room, turning the lamp on, and sitting with just the two of us to read. It seems like we did it every night. I felt so special getting to spend time with my mom, it helped build the strong relationship we still share. I don’t know how she found the time, but she did! Barefoot Books gives the same chance now! My mom still reads to my kids all the time! Now she reads them Barefoot Books. With colorful pictures and engaging stories Barefoot Books allows my mom to spend quality time with her grand-kids in one of the most significant ways possible, reading! Just like me, when they are older, they will tell about sitting and reading Barefoot Books with Grandma. And so, I read Barefoot Books with them too! We sit at night on the couch and read together a great book with colorful pictures that excite the imaginations of my children along with Barefoot Books stories that teach important lessons. Building these relationships is easier now than ever with the Barefoot Books line of amazing books. Click to visit my Barefoot Books site and find a book that will be a part of your family memories today!


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