Did you have a favorite book as a child? Do you still remember the story? Maybe your mom still has that book and you read it to your kids when you go for a visit. You read it so many times you almost had it memorized as a child, but you still always wanted Mom or Dad to read you that favorite book. Reading and childhood memories go hand in hand. My kids do the same thing today. They run and grab their favorite Barefoot Books book and want me to read it over and over. I always wonder if my parents did the same thing I do…when they run off to get their favorite book I keep hoping they will grab something new, but down comes the same Barefoot Book they grabbed last night. I’ve read it so many times I’ve got it memorized, but I dutifully pick up that book and read it one more time because that is what my son wants! He loves the pictures and gets into the story I’m hoping he is learning the lesson that every Barefoot Book is trying to teach. I’m hoping he will grow up loving books and the stories that can shape his life into being great. It makes reading that same Barefoot Book every night worth it. He doesn’t know it, but I am building him to be great with a simple Barefoot Books children’s book. Click to visit my Barefoot Books site and start building you kids today. Shipping is free on all orders over $60!


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